Masseria Perrini (Alberobello)

Experiential tour of the Perrini manor farm and guided tour to the near town Alberobello

The agritourism Perrini lies among the hills of Itria valley, 3.5 km far from Alberobello. It is a educational farm and grows cherries, almonds, olives, grapes and other fruits ecofriendly. Moreover, dairy cattle and farmyard animals are bred . The farm offers local cuisine with its own products, as well. Here guests can experience how cheese and bread are made and bring home what they had produced.

Finally, lunch will consist in a buffet with food tasting.

In the afternoon you can have a walk around the near town Alberobello, a medieval village, which is one of the settlement with most trulli.


Departure from Calaponte: 9:00 am
Arrival to Perrini manor farm: 9:45 am
Departure from Perrini manor farm: 2:00 pm
Arrival to Alberobello: 2:45 pm
Return to Calaponte: 4:00 pm

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