Cala Ponte Marina intends to establish itself as the most prestigious marina in Italy’s Puglia region.
It is an exclusive mooring point tailor-made for pleasure boaters to experience the sea and the beauty of one of the most evocative stretches of the Puglia coast.


To put our users at the heart of what we do, offering them our unrivalled hospitality, continually striving to anticipate their needs, and assuring them efficient, high-quality services to satisfy their requirements, while spreading boating culture.


Excellent service, safety and comfort come as standard with the expertise and professionalism that make us a team to rely on. Our staff are well trained to ensure impeccable service while operating to strict safety standards, ready to handle any situation, even emergencies, with aplomb. Through our meticulous maintenance plan, which is regularly tested and audited, they keep all the facilities in excellent working order.


  • High-quality services and scrupulous attention to detail every day.
  • Identifying client needs and fostering loyalty.
  • Staff loyalty.
  • Cost-effective use of resources.


We periodically monitor and measure client satisfaction and quality indicators to ensure that we always deal properly with all marina users.


Our commitment to the environment embraces sustainability programmes and initiatives, eco-friendly architectural designs, energy-efficiency measures, investment in recycling policies, re-using waste, and generating energy from renewable sources.